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Private Training

Private Pilates focuses on your specific needs, goals, and skill level. Scheduled ahead of time,lessons are customized to ensure each person enjoys their Pilates experience. Our bodies are constantly changing depending on our life activities; in each session your instructor will ask if you have any concerns, pain, or particular areas you would like to focus on.

This allows us to train the person that is front of us, and keeps your sessions innovative and different each time.

Pilates practice is guaranteed to increase strength, balance, stability, and control in ways that will enhance your everyday life.

Private Session Advantage

The instructors at PPR are equipped to design personalized wellness programs to educate, empower, encourage, and motivate our clients in meeting their individual fitness needs and goals. Each instructor will bring their expertise and method for challenging your movement and Pilates practice.


Private lessons are scheduled as 30 or 50 minutes.Prices ranges from $42-$77

*See pricing page for more information

Pilates Performance & Rehab's friendly, patient and caring practitioners and instructors are invested in empowering and educating their clients.

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