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Group Training

While each group has a specific focus, they all incorporate the basic principles of Pilates.

Focusing on breathing, alignment, improving flexibility of the joints and muscles, and strengthening the body through core engagement, spinal flexibility and stability.

The Pilates technique also prioritizes quality over quantity. Unlike other systems of exercise, Pilates exercises do not include a lot of repetitions for each move. The idea is that by performing each exercise with precision and focusing on the breath you can achieve significant results in a shorter amount of time.

By limiting our groups to 6 or less participants it allows for variations, modifications, and customization to make everyone successful. With value pricing available from $20-$40 per session this allows our groups to be accessible for anyone.


BONUS: The equipment supports you in a different way that will transform your experience.

Reformer 101

This is a 30 minute group session that focuses on the fundamentals of Pilates using the Reformer. Appropriate for first time students and anyone who wants to hone the Pilates skills.

Pilates Fusion

Pilates Fusion combines contemporary & traditional Pilates with fitness. Get ready to combine many methods of fitness including TRX, jump board, bands, balls, rollers and the Pilates reformer for a low-impact, fat-burning workout.


*For clients with no medical concerns and able to get on the floor.

Group Reformer

A 60 minute group session using the Reformer and combining several props. Instructor approval requested. This group is for clients who have already completed the Reformer 101 fundamentals.

Duet Training

You and a friend can enjoy a semi-private lesson and reap all the benefits of working out - Plus get time connecting together and motivating each other.

Grab a friend and let's get moving!

*Both parties must be present for rate to apply

Express Reformer

This is a 45 minute group session using the Reformer and combining various props. Instructor approval requested or completion of fundamentals thru Reformer 101.

Training with Friends

Working out with friends is always more fun! This provides the opportunity to not only do something for your mind and body but also devote some time connecting. Get your friends or family together and join us.

Pilates is for Every Body.

Pilates unique ability to train several different muscle groups at once makes it a unique workout that can be catered to everyone regardless of age, skill level and fitness level.

By limiting our groups to 6 participants, we can incorporate variations and modifications that benefit each person.

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