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Studio Policies

Payment Policy

Payment is due at the time of service.

Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is required for cancellation of all appointments and groups. No shows or less than 24 hour notice will be charged at the posted session rate.

Studio Ettiquete

  • Arrive on time!! If you are late, your session will still end at the scheduled time so as to not inconvenience other clients.

  • Remove shoes, dangling, over sized jewelry, and belts. Secure loose hair and clothing before your session.

  • Do not use, sit on, or touch equipment that you have not been trained on, or are not instructed to use.

  • Please wait for your instructor before getting on equipment. Do Not use equipment without guidance

  • If something is making you uncomfortable or producing pain, stop.

  • If you don't understand something or have questions or requests, please let your trainer know.

  • Wipe down and put away equipment/mats/props at the end of your session.

  • Inform staff of any injuries or changes to your health history prior to your session/class.

  • Please inform us if you have a condition that requires shoes.

  • If working on the CoreAlign®, clean shoes may be appropriate. 

  • We will do our best to accommodate any special needs.

*We don't advise loose running shorts as many exercises are done with legs elevated and open. If you prefer to exercise in running shorts, we request wearing compression shorts or bike shorts underneath.

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