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Pilates In Everything We Do

Pilates Performance & Rehab has a variety of Equipment and small props to give every client the most innovative and exciting workout available. We offer a wide range of equipment-based training including, Reformer, Tower, Barrell, Chair, TRX, MOTR, Pilate Arc, Magic Circle, and so much more!

Our instructors unique and creative abilities to infuse the Pilates Principles into every kind of movement activity will keep you working hard; focusing on breath, alignment, increasing strength and flexibility and becoming more stable and balanced! Each instructor will bring their expertise and method for challenging your movement and Pilates practice.

BONUS: You'll be loving every minute.


TRX Suspension Training — short for "Total Body Resistance Exercise" — is a non-weight-bearing, resistance training system that utilizes two suspended bands and body weight movements to produce a highly effective, highly versatile workout.


Develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. The TRX suspension trainer leverages gravity and the user's body weight to execute hundreds of exercises. TRX is a challenging workout that yields amazing results and  provides muscular and cardiovascular benefits that can amount to a tremendous impact on an individuals overall health.

MOTR™ is designed for every body, the MOTR is a complete personal training system combining:

  1. Core training of Pilates,

  2. Strength and power of aerobic conditioning,

  3. Functional exercises of resistance training,

  4. Balance and release work of a foam roller.

MOTR is the ideal complement to a Pilates, personal training or rehabilitation program. A self-contained full-body training system the MOTR layers a new dynamic of stability, strength, and flexibility to your Pilates training.Get ready to improve your balance, aerobic capacty, strength and flexibility, while learning fun and functional exercises.

The 3-in-1 Pilates Arc can be used to open up your back or as a spine corrector to stretch your spinal muscles. You can also use it as a wedge by sliding it onto your Reformer to challenge your strength and mobility. Especially useful during pregnancy.

The Pilates Arc is perfect for group classes and personal training. Never has anything so light packed such a punch. The versatility of the Pilates Arc makes it a heavy hitter.

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Pilates Practice at the Studio
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Pilates Performance & Rehab offers highly effective and totally addictive Pilates Fusion programs combining contemporary & traditional Pilates with fitness. Creating an invigorating total body conditioning system designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles while improving posture, balance and endurance.

Get ready to combine many methods of fitness including cardio, TRX, jump board, bands, balls, rollers and the Pilates reformer for a low-impact, fat-burning workout. If you want to get your heart rate up, work those arms, legs, abs AND  get a strong endurance workout for the entire body, we have it!

Our weekly schedule includes a variety of equipment-based group formats. Make our studio your one-stop spot for all your movement needs.

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